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At the end of the XIX century in the city of Calangianus, in the island of Sardinia, Italy, our families began to work the cork.

Ancient maps of Cerdegna Italy by Subermex

An ancient tradition that in the course of time has evolved from being a handmade work into a modern industry with very advanced technology, merging ancient tradition with modernity.

The cork tree, from wich the cork is extracted, grows in the Mediterranean region and it provides the raw material for most wine cork stoppers.

A cork tree must be at least 30 years old before the first crop, and even the rough and porous 'virgin cork' is not sufficiently good to be used as a cork stopper. It will take another 10 years until the crust grows again to be sufficiently good to manufacture cork stoppers.

In Calangianus, piles of harvested cork tree crust mature in a deposit during the necessary year, until its pores close. Later, it is boiled in tanks to make it more elastic and flattened by giant presses of steel. Once it is checked in search of fungi and quality control takes place, it is cut in the shape of cork stoppers.

The natural terracotta color of the cork is washed in order to obtain an opaque white, as requested by the majority of wine producers.

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    The Cork Tree

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    Cork Trees

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    Cork Tree Cortex

More than 80% of world production of cork is used to close bottles. The rest is used for construction materials and other products. Also, grains of cork are agglomerated using a natural glue to produce the dense, strong cork stoppers necessary for champagne or tequila bottles, which must support the pressures generated by such beverages.

From Italy to America, Subermex offers producers of tequila, wines and liquors in general, innovative and high quality products, coupled with many years of experience of our team of experts.


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All our products are certified and aproved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and other European organizations.

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