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Various synthetic corks, plugs and stoppers manufactured by Subermex, in any color, size and shape, both cylindrical and tapered. We will gladly recommend which is the best material, size and shape for your product.

Synthetic Corks by Sumbermex

Synthetic Cylindrical Corks

Code Size
TSC-M8 Miniature 8
TSC-M10 Miniature 10
TSC-M14 Miniature 14
TSC-M16 Miniature 16
TSC-01 20 x 27
TSC-02 20 x 32
TSC-03 22 x 30
TSC-04 24 x 30
TSC-05 26 x 30
TSC-06 28 x 30

Measurements in L x D (mm)

Synthetic Tapered Corks

Code Size
TSK-01 32 x 28 x 22
TSK-02 35 x 32 x 26
TSK-03 36 x 40 x 38

Measurements in L x D x d (mm)

Tapered Synthetic Corks by Sumbermex Synthetic cork stoppers, Cylindrical and Tapered by Sumbermex

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All our products are certified and aproved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and other European organizations.

We can also manufacture any of our products based on your requirements and in any size and shape, upon request.