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PVC Capsules

PVC capsules manufactured by Subermex can be used for a wide range of beverages including wine, spirits, olive oil, and a wide variety of gourmet food products (sauces, marinades, etc). These capsules can be applied either by hand or automatically on a high speed dispensing machine and must be shrunk onto the bottle with heat. They are always put on top of a screw cap or a bartop closure and therefore the size is determined after the closure is applied to the bottle. Our capsules can be made with or without tear- tabs, which are used for tamper evidence as well as easy opening

Heat shrink PVC capsules made in PVC and PET are suitable for any bottleneck. The skirt can perfectly reflect the graphic contents of the bottle label and can be produced in an extensive range of colors and finishes including, glossy, matte and metallic with rotogravure decorations (in up to 5 colours), in four colour process printing or in hot foil printing. Numerous profiles of PVC capsules are available for the various types of bottles and others can be made on request. These are available in various diameters ranging from 28.50 to 44.00 mm and in various heights ranging from 35 to 80 mm.

Aluminum Capsules and Tin Capsules

These aluminum capsules are made from 38 μ aluminium foil. The smoothing of these capsules onto the bottle neck can be improved thanks to a pre-pleating action. The skirt can be decorated in up to 6 colours in rotogravure printing in both full and half tones or in four colour processing printing. Our aluminum capsules are available in various diameters ranging from 28.00 to 36.00 mm, and the heights vary from 35.00 to 80.00 mm.

PVC capsule by Subermex | CAP01
PVC  capsules by Subermex | CAP02
PVC  capsules by Subermex | CAP03
PVC capsules by Subermex | CAP04
PVC and Aluminum capsules by Subermex | CAP05
PVC and Aluminum capsules by Subermex | CAP06
PVC and Aluminum capsules by Subermex | CAP07
PVC and Aluminum capsules by Subermex | CAP08
PVC and Aluminum capsules by Subermex | CAP09
Aluminum capsules by Subermex | CAP10
PVC and Aluminum capsules by Subermex | CAP11
PVC and Aluminum capsules by Subermex | CAP12
PVC and Aluminum capsules by Subermex | CAP13
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PVC, Aluminum and Tin capsules by Subermex
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Handling, Storage & Bottling :

  • Capsules must be stored in a controlled, cool temperature environment between 58 & 95 degrees F and should not be stored in direct sunlight, as UV rays may shrink them.
  • They should not be stored near a room heating source or they may shrink and should not be exposed to sudden temperature extremes, which may also cause thermal shock and result in shrinkage problems.
  • Capsules should not be stored in a humid environment, which could cause condensation and which could result in uneven shrinkage during bottling.
  • They should not be jostled, shipped or stored on their side, as this may cause them to become dented or compacted, which could result in them not dispensing properly.
  • Ideal temperatures for shrinking capsules range from 180-260 degrees F. It is very important to have consistent airflow that circulated around the entire neck in order to achieve a good result.
  • Bottle necks must be relatively dry and free of liquid containing sugar during application, in order to achieve a good result.
  • Bottle fit is very important for a proper application. Please send us your bottle or its exact measurements, so that we may size it properly.

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