Subermex is the best producer of cork stoppers, caps, capsules, closures and much more

Welcome to Subermex

The best producer of cork stoppers, caps, capsules, closures and much more...
  • Welcome to SuberMex
    Welcome to SuberMex
    The best producer of cork
    stoppers, caps, capsules,
    screw caps and more...
    Know our beginnings,
    who we are, our clients
    and distributors.
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  • Discover our products by Subermex
    Discover our products. We
    manufacture every type of
    cork stoppers, caps and capsules.
    We have all available sizes,
    shapes, colors, materials
    and quality grades.
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About us


Serving great American companies from Italy. Read more about us and our beginnings.

Our Products

Our Products

Discover our extensive range of products and materials, all of which meet the highest quality standars in the market.

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Contact Us

Contact us today. We can advise you regarding our products and how we can support your business.

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General information about cork and its uses

Online Resources


Learn more about the cork, its properties and uses. Visit our online fact sheets (coming soon).

SuberMex | Our history

Our Beginnings

At the end of the XIX century in the city of Calangianus, in the island of Sardinia, Italy, our families began to work the cork...

SuberMex || Our Products

All our products are certified and aproved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and other European organizations.

We can also manufacture any of our products based on your requirements and in any size and shape, upon request.