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Plastic plugs, caps and closures made in one piece
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Plastic Plugs, T-top, caps and closures made in various materials and in one piece by Subermex. We will gladly recommend which is the best stopper for your product.

Synthetic stoppers and plastic plugs are immune to cork taint and are more affordable. Because they are synthetic, they can also be made in any color or mold. Plastic plugs also do not dry out or disintegrate.

There are standard sizes of plastic plugs to fit most common wine and spirit bottles.  However we also produce many custom sizes for specific packaging needs and projects, producing our own molds and dies at very afordable prices. 

T-top plastic plugs can be printed or embossed. They are used by many bottlers of spirits, wines, oils and vinegar. Our plastic plugs are ideal for bottles where the corks need to be removed by hand and reinstalled. They are very popular as closures for rum, vodka, whiskey, tequila and more.

Plastic plugs, T-top and plastic closures made in one piece by Sumbermex Plastic plugs, T-top and plastic closures by Sumbermex Plastic plugs and plastic closures by Sumbermex

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All our products are certified and aproved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and other European organizations.

We can also manufacture any of our products based on your requirements and in any size and shape, upon request.