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Agglomerated Stoppers

All agglomerated corks stoppers by Subermex are manufactured from clean natural cork grain. The grain is milled using the "waste" by-product from natural wine cork production. Agglomerated cork stoppers are economically priced and easy to use. Maintaining the stoppers' technical specifications ensures successful sealing and good performance.
Agglomerated Cork Stoppers by Sumbermex

Cylindrical Cork Stoppers

Code Size
TVCA1 22 x 40
TVCA2 24 x 40
TVCA3 24 x 44
TVCA4 24 x 50
TVCA5 26 x 40
TVCA6 26 x 44
TVCA7 26 x 50

Measurements in L x D (mm)

Tapered Cork Stoppers

Code Size Code Size
4 Agl. 22,2 x 17,5 x 13,5 11 Agl. 31,8 x 28,6 x 22,6
5 Agl. 23,8 x 19 x 14,7 12 Agl. 31,8 x 30 x 24
6 Agl. 25,4 x 20,6 x 15,9 13 Agl. 31,8 x 31,8 x 25,8
    14 Agl. 31,8 x 33,8 x 27,4

Measurements in L x D x d (mm)

Mushroom Cork Stoppers

Mushroom-shaped Cork Stoppers made in any size

Mushroom-shaped Agglomerated Cork Stoppers made in any size by Sumerbex
Other Facts

Mushroom agglomerated cork stoppers, also known as Champagne Corks, are made from three pieces of cork sandwiched together. The mushroom shaped head protrudes from the top of the bottle, allowing the wine drinker to get a good grip on it when easing it out.

Pressure beverages such as champagnes, ciders, sparkling wines, and some beers require a seal which prevents the escape of gases while at the same time preserving the correct gas pressure within the bottles. Agglomerated mushroom cork stoppers produced from natural cork are perfect to achieve this critical sealing capability. Each cork is usually produced from several different types of natural corks. The main body of the cork is made of agglomerated cork grains bonded together by FDA approved binders. Laminated to this "body" are two or three natural cork discs which have maximum expansion characteristics. The usual diameter of mushroom corks is about 31mm and is compressed down to 18mm to fit into the bottle neck it is to seal. Once inserted the corks' tendency is to continue to expand. This expansion causes the cork to maintain a constant pressure against the glass bottle neck, preventing the gas from escaping.

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